Here it is, our video for “Electric Youth!”

After wanting to make a video for so long…it’s finally done. Thanks Benjamin Gallegos who directed it and put up with my annoying wishes (directing and editing), haha. Anyway, we got a show coming up at Neck of the Woods in SF with two stellar bands “StaG” and “Oceanography.” Can’t wait for that one. After that, no more shows for a very long time…gotta get this new album done ya know.

In The Morning of the Magicians

Alright sorry, it’s been awhile I know. But we do keep our other social media outlets pretty up to date! So follow us on there (check out the links tab). So much has been going on I don’t know if I can really jot everything down. Well, the music video for “Electric Youth” is almost out. We’ve been wanting to make a video for some time but have had some trouble locking in a director. So we’re pretty happy that it got made and will be out to the public very soon!

We are also finally recording the newer songs that we wrote as a band. As some of you may know “Movements” was written and recorded solely by yours truly with the help of James on drums. It’s nice to get some material out to you guys that’s a more accurate representation of the band rather than my solo musings. So you all will be seeing an EP coming your way very soon!

And one of the biggest things that we haven’t really announced too much is that we’ll be recording a full length album at John Vanderslice’s infamous Tiny Telephone Studio. Where much of our beloved indie rock hero’s have recorded the biggest albums. We’re going all out for this one so we hope that you all will enjoy it once it’s out.

It’s been a crazy year so far; we got a California tour under our belts, a music video, a soon to be released EP, and an album to write. On top of that I’ve started full time school for music and work, Clay’s got his own warehouse now where he fixes cars on top of his regular job, and James and his wife Michelle are expecting their first child! So yeah, we’re definitely keeping busy. Expect the album’s release sometime next year…I know forever right?



The Boat Dreams From The Hill

So, we had a great time this past Friday playing with Commissure and Brookhaven at the Hemlock in SF…phenomenal bands! Please look them up on facebook or bandcamp! Anyway, that was sort of a kick off to our CA tour of sorts. Today though…we officially leave the comfort of our homes and begin our many stays on friends floors. Maybe we should Instagram pictures of us sleeping on floors instead of actual pictures from the shows, haha. Anyway, San Diego here we come!

Memewhile…enjoy this meme of the day (see what I did there???)




We’re really excited about this one! Killer lineup at a great venue, what more could we ask for? Come on out for a great night of music before we head out on our tour.

Crackity Jones


Here it is! Our 2014 CA tour dates are finally out to the public! All flyers are a part of a Kubrick collection by the talented Pauline Vassiliadis; who has done most of our digital work since day one. Hopefully we’ll see some of you guys out on these dates. More San Francisco dates coming for 2014 too! Check “shows” section for more details.

Lost Coastlines


So, we’ve been extremely busy here on the TSE front. We got this here San Jose show coming up plus James’ Concave Kickstarter party for all the donators. On top of that we’re in the middle of get the final details going for our CA tour in January! yayah!!!

While that’s going on we’re looking to record our newer songs for an EP of sorts and then start writing for TSE’s sophomore album. 2013 has been a crazy year but so great and we’ve met so many amazing people. Hope to see you guys at a show soon!

Satellite of Love


Yup, its that time again. We got some awesome shows in the works and this San Francisco date is just the start. We’re really looking forward to playing this one with Josh Berwanger and Mammoth Life! Josh Berwanger is from the infamous Lawrence, KS band “The Anniversary,” and his new solo album is killer! Mammoth life are a local San Francisco band who’s debut album came out this year too. You guys owe it to yourselves to check out both albums. They’re both worth the price of admission. So, looking forward to seeing some of you folks out on the 20th. Event page link is below. Have a Happy Halloween people!


We HEART Monterey


It’s that time again for us to play to our home skillets and show off some of our new songs! We’re really stoked to be playing this show. It’s gonna be a doozy!

We’ve taken a little time off from playing shows and doing much of anything to rework our live set and write some new material. We’re more excited than ever about the new stuff we’ve been doing and we’re anxious to get out there and play again. Hope to see you all soon!

Oakland, We Comin’!



We’ve been doin’ a decent amount of shows lately, which is pretty awesome. We got this one and Oakland coming up and another in San Francisco in the works for the following month. A few other things on the horizon, so we’ll be plenty busy.